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Q: The dataset I wish to use ends in 2016. Do you plan on updating it ?

A: The dataset time span is updated regularly. During boreal summer we try to update all of the dataset that are available to the end of the previous year. In summer 2019 most of the available datasets have been udpated up to the end of 2018.

Q: There is a new very recently published dataset that I know of but it is not in the FROGS dataset ?

A: Please let us know more about this dataset and we will explore the possiblity to add it to the FROGS portfolio. FROGS is a lively database and we are looking for such opportunity to broaden its scope.

Q: The new version of the NASA IMERG datasets has just been released. Do you plan on having that version in FROGS ?

A: Yes we are looking to update the version of the products when available. The IMERG V06 datasets is just been added to FROGS (September 2019).